You Deserve To Keep Your Customers

At AvantNorth we understand the power and importance of creating a contact chain capable of retaining all of your existing customers. We work diligently with great companies to highlight the fact that their services and products are worthy of long term consumer trust. That enables clients who work with us to reach unprecedented levels of engagement with a yield that significantly increases the bottom line value of their balance sheets. Contact us to learn more about the proprietary technologies and practices we deploy to maximize your customer retention. Our Retention Solutions include methods for making the most out of your fully compliant: SMS, WhatsAPP and Email marketing efforts.

Mobile First

Send automated personalized deals via sms/whatsapp to your customers based on their purchasing patterns!

Text Messages

We connect our software directly to your point of sale allowing seamless and automated communications with your customers!

Free Perks

Dedicated Key Account and Marketing Manager who will help you find the perfect marketing solution for your business!


Our team has helped our customers retain over 1 million clients. We work diligently with great companies to highlight the fact that their services and products are worthy of long term consumer trust!

Key Benefits

Newer startups rightfully focus on building their brand and developing new marketing channels to obtain their initial client base. While that process is essential, it is also important to note that our clients generate the vast majority of their revenue month over month and year after year from their returning customers. Numerous studies have shown it now costs approximately 21x less to retain a paying customer than to attract a new consumer. In that regard it is fair to say that working with AvantNorth can help you earn 2,100 dollars from your existing customers with the same expense you currently put into acquiring your first 1 dollar from a new consumer.

The Best ROI And Customer Engagement Guaranteed

Enticing an existing customer into choosing to become a repeat customer requires expertise, experience and the proper set of technologies. AvantNorth are experienced experts in all facets of fully compliant Autotexting, purchase cycle tracking, flash deal composition, limited time offer generation, vendor sponsored content creation and more. We have developed our own proprietary methodology and tools for this purpose and now our services are available to directly to your company on an ongoing basis.

About Us

The AvantNorth team has the experience and expertise to turn your existing client list into a recurring revenue stream that far exceeds your expectations. Our intimate knowledge of what works, understanding of leading edge digital traffic tracking technologies and proprietary methodology for making the most money out of each individual interaction sets us apart from any other service you will find.

By utilizing a combination of human intuition gleaned from nearly three decades of combined experience among our management team and machine learning tools we specifically developed for the purpose of monetizing recurring customer interactions, we can quickly custom tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Whether your online business sells stocks or gym socks, our methodology is applicable and will empower your in house marketing efforts by augmenting them with the kind of actionable intelligence that only comes from real time data flows.

Utilize our software and support solutions to identify which ongoing customer relationships are capable of performing better, and to set spending goals on a per customer basis. Based in the United States, with a team of renowned industry professionals, everyone here at AvantNorth is ready to answer your call, and eager to demonstrate the level of success we can attain for your own brands as part of our ongoing business relationship. Take the first step toward higher earnings, lower expenses and a much more profitable business enterprise by contacting us now to discuss all the fully compliant solutions we can add to your ongoing business operations right now.